Cardiio Heart Rate Monitor Mod (Premium Unlocked/ VIP/ PRO) Install For Ios

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Cardiio Heart Rate Monitor MOD APK + IPA IOS is an easy-to-use digital digicam-primarily based totally fitness screening app that permits you to degree and display your essential symptoms and symptoms and common fitness and wellness.

Cardiio Heart Rate Monitor Mod (Premium Unlocked/ VIP/ PRO)

With only some faucets to your phone or tablet, you may fast and effortlessly degree your systolic and diastolic blood pressure, pulse, coronary heart fee variability, respiration fee, strain index and greater.Powered through Shen.AI, our app captures pores and skin blood pulsations at one of a kind vascular depths to appropriately degree your essential symptoms and symptoms. Our AI-primarily based totally engine analyzes your information to offer you with customized hints that will help you optimize your fitness and well-being.Features:• Use your phone digital digicam to degree: Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Heart Rate •

Cardiio Heart Rate Monitor Ipa Download

Variability, Breathing Rate.• Assess your Stress Level and Cardiac Workload.• Get customized hints that will help you optimize your fitness and well-being.• Be toward your frame gazing real-time visible biofeedback.• Analyze your fitness traits via charts together along with your results.•

Cardiio Heart Rate Monitor Last Version

Access a expertise database to examine greater approximately your fitness.• Import the records of readings from Apple Health / Google Fit.• Set dimension reminders.• Generate a fitness record in PDF format.Vital Signs:• Systolic Blood Pressure,• Diastolic Blood Pressure,• Heart Rate, • Heart Rate Variability,• Breathing Rate,• Stress Index.Health Risks:•

Cardiio Heart Rate Monitor Ipa For Ios Iphone

Risk of growing atherosclerotic cardiovascular sickness inside the subsequent 10 years – coronary coronary heart sickness – stroke – coronary heart failure – peripheral vascular sickness• Risk of a difficult cardiovascular occasion • Risk of a deadly cardiovascular occasion inside the subsequent 10 years – coronary death – deadly stroke• Vascular Age• Risk ScoreMeasurements:Scan your face with a phone digital digicam to degree Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Breathing Rate, and Stress Index. It will handiest take 60 sec. to degree your maximum important essential symptoms and symptoms.Heart Monitor has dimension modes: strict and comfortable. The strict mode presents the best accuracy however is greater restrictive concerning lights selection, even as the comfortable mode is greater bendy however much less accurate.Heart Monitor isn’t always an alternative to the medical judgment of a healthcare professional.

Cardiio Heart Rate Monitor Mod

Any fitness-associated records supplied through Heart Monitor is for informational functions handiest.All biometrical or different information vital to compute essential symptoms and symptoms measurements are used at the stop tool of the affected person handiest. We are GDPR compliant and licensed through ISO27001.Privacy Policy:

Cardiio Heart Rate Monitor Pro For Iphone

Heart Monitor Mod Ios is the PRO model of Heart Monitor Ios . By the use of the Heart Monitor Mod Ios , you may effortlessly whole any duties and necessities in it. Often you want to spend plenty of time or cash to get rewards effortlessly, however through the use of Heart Monitor Mod Ios , you frequently reap your dreams in a totally brief time. Heart Monitor Mod iOSis a extremely good manner so that you can outshine your competition. Now in TUTUTWEAK.APP you may down load Heart Monitor APK v1.3.1 for free. This procedure would not value anything, and you may use it with confidence.


Download Cardiio Heart Rate Monitor Mod For Ios

★ Free with unlimited recording
★ Easy to use with an intuitive design
★ Identifies heart rate training zones
★ Google Fit support
★ No additional hardware required

How to use the heart rate monitor free app to measure your heartbeat?

Cardiio Heart Rate Monitor Mod Apk

To use this heart rate monitor app, just put your finger on the phone’s camera and stay still, the heart rate should be shown after several seconds.

What is a normal heart rate or heartbeat?

According to Mayo Clinic, a normal resting heartbeat rate for adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute (BPM). However, keep in mind that many factors can influence the heart rate, including Activity level, Fitness level, Body size, Emotion, etc. Generally, but not always, a lower heartbeat at rest implies more efficient heart function and better cardiovascular fitness.

Consult your doctor if your resting heartbeat is consistently above 100 beats per minute or if you’re not a trained athlete and your resting heartbeat is below 60 beats a minute.

What are heart rate training zones?

Heart rate training zones are calculated using maximum heart Rate (MaxHR). Within each training zone, subtle physiological effects take place to enhance your fitness. We have a similar definition to those used in Fitbit trackers:

Cardiio Heart Rate Monitor IPA FOR IPAD

– REST ZONE (up to 50% HRmax): This considers as resting zone.

– FAT BURN ZONE (50 to 70% of maximum): Recovery and warming up exercises should be completed in this zone. It’s called the fat burn zone because a higher percentage of calories are burnt from fat.

– CARDIO ZONE (70% to 85% of HRmax): Most of the main exercise should be completed in this zone.

– PEAK ZONE (greater than 85% of HRmax): This zone is ideal for short intense sessions (high-intensity interval training HIIT) to improve performance and speed.

This heart rate monitor app calculates and automatically saves your heart rate training zones.


Cardiio Heart Rate Monitor IPA IOS

– Heart rate monitor app should not be used as a medical device.
– If you have a medical condition or worried about your heart condition please always consult your GP.
– In some devices, the heart rate monitor app may make the LED flash very hot.

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How to install Cardiio Heart Rate Monitor Mod (Premium Unlocked/ VIP/ PRO) Install For Ios IPA?

1. Tap the downloaded Cardiio Heart Rate Monitor Mod (Premium Unlocked/ VIP/ PRO) Install For Ios IPA file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.